Mira Soeteman

My father, Corneille Soeteman let me share his passion of the philately and his passion became mine.

First I love the stamp, its creation, its history. Therefore it brings me to become philatelist as professional.

After years of experience with "la Philatélie Corneille Soeteman", I have gone alone into philately, an area of passion, for myself.

Loving thanks to my dad to guide me during those several years. His 50year professional wealth makes his advises deeply useful and I am glad to succeed him.

Now our routes split up ... a page is turning ... a new chapter begins.

And regarding the futur, dear Collectors, we shall write it together.

Mira Bourgoing-Soeteman

(by appointment only)
avenue Louise 54 (place Stéphanie)
1050 Brussels

phone: +32 495 57 20 74
phone : 02/513 78 24
mail: mb@mirasoeteman.be