Dear fellow Philatelists,

The Online Auction No. 20 is available !

Our sales will operate on the Internet only. Some will find similarities with other well-known sales websites. Others will discover direct purchasing according to their stakes or their bids through our site.

Useful information on how to proceed with our sale, which will come to a close on Sunday, December 17th from 6.00 pm. You can already visit the site to discover all the lots. The precise time of the closing of the sale is indicated on each lot screen.


Bidding will proceed as during our auctions, in accordance with a bidding order that you can discover here. You can bid from the opening of the sale by clicking on the "+" button on the screen of the chosen lot. It can be consulted at all times from the screen of the lot.
A message will clearly indicate if you are the winning bidder; otherwise, the number of the leading bidder will be displayed. For the sake of confidentiality, buyer numbers will be different from sale to sale.


If you think that you cannot be in front of your computer when the sale is closed, you can place orders by clicking on the “New order” button of each lot. This offer will then appear in regard to “Your maximum offer.”
The offers are accepted till the last second. So you can always make a new offer up, provided that it is higher than your previous offers.
Moreover you can bid by using the "+" button on the screen of the batch.

Purchase orders

You can always send us your purchase orders in writing by mail, post or by fax. The relevant form can be downloaded from the site (see the menu). Chronological priority will always be given.

Purchase limit

Every buyer is granted a purchase limit, usually fixed at €2500. Customers who are well known to us will be automatically granted a higher limit, which will be displayed, likewise automatically. Please contact us for any particular request.
This purchase limit takes account of your bids and/or your stakes. Its precise balance is displayed in “You still have.” When your purchase limit is reached, you cannot place any more bids. Conversely, when the lots are auctioned off, if bids made did not succeed, your purchase limit will be re-increased by the exceeded amount of your bid if the lot is sold to another client. This enables you bid on subsequent lots up to the total of your purchase limit.

Watching the lots

You can watch the bids made on each lot by clicking the “Watch” button. You will receive an e-mail each time a bid is made on that lot. You can stop this service at all times by going to the “Lot watching” section, which shows a list of the lots you want to monitor.

My bids

You can view a detailed list of all the bids and/or stakes made through our site by going to the page concerned from the menu. Your maximum bid will at no time be disclosed to anyone other than yourself.
You can verify your results from this page as well once the sales are closed.


Every person who wishes to act as a potential buyer must register to get access to the purchase tools. Information provided remains confidential and will not be disclosed to any firm other than "Mira Soeteman".

Auctioning rate

Auctions will proceed as of the time indicated in the announcement of the sale, at a rate of one every 60 seconds in chronological order of the lets. This gives you time to bid for another lot in the last minutes. The precise hour of the final auctioning is indicated on the screen of each lot.