Some explanations


The Boutique intentionally opens at random on the presentation of a number of isolated items or collections from any country at any time. This is to communicate to the visitor that the Boutique is not exclusively intended for collectors of Belgian stamps.
This universality is easy to master right away by choosing the “Search” option.


A search for specialties can be done in two ways, either by choosing specific categories according to a pre-established classification, or by using keywords. The current classification will be updated to become even more detailed and complete in the very near future.
Another very specific, instantaneous research option is to indicate the reference number of an object that you had already noticed.


The image of each item chosen enlarges gradually with each click, as the description and the price of the object appear. Further explanations can be requested by clicking on the “Request information” button, and a response will be communicated as quickly as possible.


At the bottom of the screen of the desired article, a click on the “Basket” button begins the purchasing procedure and temporarily places the article in “My selection”. At that point, you are informed by a gray notepad on the left of the screen that you have chosen one or several articles for a total price that is specified.
As you continue to surf, and add a second item by clicking again on the “Basket” button, that item will automatically be added to the first one in your “Selection”. This will continue for as many items as you please. Consequently, a little reminder window shows you what is included in your purchases at all times.
In “My selection”, you can take any item off the list by clicking on [-] in the “Delete” column or on [All] alongside the total to void the entire purchase operation.
Once you have made your choice, you can call for the order form using the “My selection” screen to get the details of the articles chosen.


The “Order Form” finalizes your purchase and the means of delivery. At this point, you will see that you still have the possibility to delete any of the objects chosen.
The questionnaire is simple to fill in – verify that the information given is accurate and that your e-mail address is correct. In order to validate your order form, don't forget to put ticks in the boxes corresponding to acceptance that is needed from the buyer.
You will immediately receive a “Confirmation of order” which officializes your purchase under the law on sales by correspondence.
All the articles you have chosen still appear on the site when you “Send” the order form, but the word “Reserved” is displayed alongside the price.
Once the payment has been received, the word “Reserved” is automatically replaced by the word “Sold”. The items will continue to be displayed on the site for about three months, and then they will automatically disappear.


The Boutique's sub-menus let you see postage and other costs by clicking on “Shipping costs”. Packaging and shipping costs are calculated in advance and are reduced for multiple purchases at the same time
Packaging is invoiced at cost and is as inexpensive as possible.
The sending is under the entire responsibility of the Purchaser. Mira Soeteman (Mira Bourgoing) is not responsible for any postal delivery problem.


Payments are made exclusively by national bank transfer or, for clients who do not reside in Belgium, by Swift IBAN + BIC transfer
Cash sent by post and payments by PayPal are refused.