Shipping charges


Our sendings are made very carefully and travel at owner's risk. We are not responsible for possible damage or losses at the time of the sending. The objects are packed professionally and, normally, are largely protected from postal handling.

The postage costs announced below are based on the official tariff of the Belgian post office ( ). They are rightly recomputed in the case of group sending of several objects.

If you choose the registered mail, an amount of 6,62 € will be added.

Rest of the World
0 - 350 g 6.81€ 13.90€ 15.00€
350 g - 1 kg 11.35€ 22.24€ 24.00€
1 - 2 kg 15.89€ 44.48€ 48.00€

For the above amounts, it is necessary to add the lump sum of € 2 for packing expenses. For items weighing over 2 kilos, the cost of packaging will be provided.