Terms of sale

1. The sale shall be effected strictly in cash plus 19% for costs (including legal costs).
If a debtor is unable to meet his payments, his lots will be sold in subsequent sale at his own risk, and he shall pay the organizer any price difference resulting from the second sale.

Customers who purchase “on order” will be notified of the sum to be paid before the lots are dispatched. Customers already known to us or who can supply good references which may be checked in Belgium may, at our discretion, receive lots before payment, but they shall undertake to settle up immediately upon reception of the goods, if this procedure is not compiled with, the customer's orders for further sales may be refused.

Dispatch and transport insurance costs shall be borne by the purchaser. Any request for credit must be made before the sale and must have received our assent. Before delivering the lots, the organizers are entitled to request payment, if they deems this to be suitable. Any delay of payment or exceeding of payment time limit will entitle us without notifying to charge an added standard penalty fee of 20% (on a minimum basis of 125€) plus extra charges at a monthly interest rate of 1.2% on the total sum from the date of invoice on.

The organizers have the right to refuse bids from anyone if they so choose, and do not have to justify their decision.

2. The order of bids in the room is fixed as follows:


48 € : 2 €
from 50 to 195 € : 5 €
from 200 to 680 € : 20 €
from 700 to 1450 € : 50 €
from 1500 to 2900 € : 100 €
from 3000 to 7900 € : 200 €

above 8000 € : 500 €

3. All stamps are guaranteed to be genuine, and the surcharges and post-marks are original. For every lot of 3 stamps maximum, a description is given as accurately as possible. Stamps accompanied by certificates of experts will not be taken back, no complaint will be accepted, only the organizers will decide if it will be useful. The state guarantee is only given for lots described as being very beautiful, of high quality. We undertake to take back and refund the cost of stamps wh ich a recognized expert declares to be a forgery or to have been repaired, if this was not indicated. In this case, the purchaser must produce the certificate provided by the expert and return the stamp to us within 15 days of the sale or of the registered dispatch date. If the invoice in respect of a disputed stamp is payable prior to despatch, the payment period shall be extended to 28 days from the invoice date. After this deadline has expired no lot can be returned and we accept no responsibility. No guarantee is given regarding lots on the pages of albums; these stamps are sold as such and can in no case be returned once they have been auctioned.

4. No claim can be made against minor errors occurring in evaluations. Official National Catalogues quotations are given from the Yvert Catalogue (unless abbreviations show otherwise).

5. Orders will be executed in euros without any extra costs other than those mentioned in § 1.

6. Lots may be sent at sight to philatelists upon payment of a deposit or upon recommendation by a referee. They must be sent back to us by return post. Sending the lots, both outward and return, will be at the customer's risk. Only lots over 5 stamps or 5 letters are not sent at sight.

7. Only the organizer has the right to divide up a lot or make several lots into one, if he deems this to be appropriate.

8. Once auctioned lots cannot be returned, unless the reasons for doing so are fully justified.

9. The settlement of any disputes which may arise shall come under the jurisdiction of Brussels courts only.

10. The lots will only become the property of the purchase after full payment, including invoiced costs.